The Gig Rig


Compact perfection for using two amps in any combination, offering phase control and isolation for ultimate noise-free flexibility.

There are many situations in which you need to split and/or combine dual signal paths and switch between them. The most common is when using two guitar amps, either in a stereo, dual-mono or wet/dry configuration. The minute you split a signal, however, you run into two possible problems: ground loop hum and potential phase reversal. ABY Baby solves them both thanks to the isolated, phase-reversible output B.

In addition, output A offers the option of true bypass or buffered outs depending on your tonal and pedal/amp needs. 

We've also added a Flip Flop mode for instant, one-touch switching between A and B should that be your need. 

ABY Baby uses our own-design OptoKick optical footswitches for maximum reliability and durability. We believe they are the very best footswitches available. 

Compact, flexible and roadworthy – ABY Baby!

It might be small, but this Baby is as tough as they come. Metal construction and OptoKick footswitches you can trust.

Total Control 

Isolated outputs and phase reversal option means you can use ANY two amps in perfect harmony

Buffered Option 

Output A offers true bypass or buffered output options depending on your pedal and amp needs/preferences

Standard Or Flip Flop

Standard mode gives A, B and Y (both) in any combination. Flip Flop mode gives one-touch switching between A and B






TheGigRig OptoKick footswitches. Gold contact audio relays


16cm x 4cm x 5.8cm / 6.3in x 1.57in x 2.28in


0.24kg / 0.5lbs (approx)