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TC ELECTRONIC V550 Dual Ch Guitar Preamp Pedal

Twin-Channel Guitar Preamp Faithfully Recreates the Sound of Legendary 5150 High Gain Tube Amp in a Pedal with Independent Channel Controls, Pre/Post Boost, Optional Cab Sim and Dedicated Outputs for DI and Headphones

Product Features

  • Guitar preamp pedal faithfully recreates the tone, touch and feel of the legendary MK1 Script Logo 5150 * tube amp from 1992

  • Two channels with independent gain, volume and EQ controls for high octane rock and metal tones

  • Green channel (Rhythm + Crunch) ranges from pristine cleans through to hard rock crunch

  • Red channel (Lead) delivers huge levels of gain for heavy rock, classic shred and brutal metal tones

  • Integrated booster activates 5 dB boost at the kick of a footswitch with Pre/Post option on the back panel

  • Pre boost dialed in to drive the amp model harder and add a distinct mid hump like a classic overdrive pedal

  • Dedicated DI output, equipped with official Celestion 4x12 G12M Heritage cab sim IR, turns your pedalboard into a gig-ready rig direct to PA system or audio interface for recording

  • Dedicated headphone output, equipped with official Celestion 4x12 G12M Heritage cab sim IR, for huge tube amp tones and practice sessions that won’t disturb your neighbors

  • Master presence, set it and forget it, control on the rear panel to tailor your preamp and compensate for darker or brighter rigs and rooms

  • Optional bypass or always on channel change footswitch modes

  • Groundbreaking TC AMPWORX modeling technology provides low latency, huge dynamic range and feels like the real deal

  • Perfect pedalboard-friendly pedal platform takes drive pedals like a champ

Introducing the V550 preamp pedal that embodies a charismatic sonic profile reminiscent of the original tapping guitar god: Eddie van Halen. 

The foundation of the V550 is rooted in a true modern amp classic from the 90s, and we went ‘that extra mile’ over and over again in our quest to model the essence of this amp. We were committed to reaching perfection, ensuring that every aspect of the sound, look, and feel was flawlessly executed before presenting you with this high-gain monster of a pedal. 

Not only did we achieve that, but we also went above and beyond by incorporating a few additional features. In conclusion, we’re confident that once you plug into V550, you’re gonna love it! 

Not 100 Amps. Just One. But Captured to Perfection!

In digital amp modeling, there are various approaches available. However, our primary objective was to marry accuracy with simplicity - to perfectly replicate just one iconic amplifier rather than overwhelming you with an excessive range of amp models and versions. 

Our aim was to capture the very essence of this iconic amp with unparalleled precision, as well as keeping the control layout intuitive, allowing you to navigate your high-gain tone effortlessly. By eliminating unnecessary complexities, we enable you to focus entirely on making some of that (good) noise! 

V550 simply distills the essential elements you expect from an authentic amp and presents them in a compact package with a small footprint. In short, you get a perfect balance of accuracy and simplicity, which lets you completely immerse yourself in your musical expression and nothing else. 

Two Ways to Stomp

When you first connect to V550, its default mode is Dual Channel. In this mode, the pedal is always on, allowing you to effortlessly switch between the two channels and access their distinct sound profiles. 

However, if you prefer a classic stompbox experience, we've also included a Bypass Mode. In this mode, you can simply stomp the pedal in and out, but you'll need to manually select which of the two channels you want to engage or disengage in your signal chain. 

Whether you choose the versatile Dual Channel mode or prefer the familiar simplicity of the Bypass Mode, V550 guarantees uncompromising performance and power. The decision is entirely up to you - unleash your rock 'n' roll spirit any way you want! 

Two Ways to Boost

Among the additional features of V550, we included a Boost circuit that enhances the versatility when the rubber meets the road. And to maximize its flexibility and usefulness, we incorporated both PRE and POST modes. 

In the POST mode, the Boost circuit functions as a clean boost, elevating the output level without altering your core tone in any way. It simply engages a pure and transparent volume increase. 

If you switch to the PRE mode, the booster is now positioned before the amp modeler in the signal chain. This configuration drives the amplifier even harder, simulating the effect of having a vintage tube screamer sitting right in front of your amp, adding a touch of grit and character to your sound. 

With these two modes, the Boost circuit offers you the ability to tailor your tone precisely to your preferences, whether you desire a pristine volume boost or a tasteful vintage-style drive. 

Built-in 4x12 G12M Cab

The cab speaker plays a key role in any combo, and with the advancements in convolution-based IR technology, we can now capture the very essence of the past with remarkable precision and authenticity. 

To provide you with an authentic representation of the original sound, we collaborated with Celestion, the esteemed experts in speaker craftsmanship, renowned for their contributions to countless iconic guitar combos throughout music history. 

After extensive evaluation, we decided to integrate the official Celestion impulse response of the revered 4x12 G12M speaker cab. This divine sonic pairing faithfully reproduces every subtle nuance of your riffs and solos, delivering them with grace and elegance.

Live In The Presence

ntegrating a global PRESENCE knob on the rear panel, V550 effortlessly adapts to any musical scenario you may find yourself in. Recognizing that this pedal will likely be paired with a diverse range of amplifiers, cabinets, and pedals, we introduced this convenient and global control, enabling you to establish the overall sonic direction and leave it at that. 

Should you find that the default setting suits your sonic taste, no further adjustments are required. However, if you desire a subtle touch of brilliance or a hint of added warmth to align with your personal tone desires, simply tweak the PRESENCE knob to your liking. 

The global PRESENCE control empowers you to shape and refine your tone, achieving a seamless integration with your chosen equipment. It offers the flexibility needed to express your unique musical vision, allowing you to leave compromises behind and embrace a sound that resonates with your artistic identity. 

Exiting V550

V550 provides a versatile array of output options to suit your needs. When you use the HEADPHONES or DI outputs, the integrated cabinet impulse response (IR) seamlessly delivers an immersive and authentic tone directly to your ears or DAW. This feature is ideal for silent rehearsal, recording sessions, and live performances, where the DI output can be connected directly to a mixing desk for optimal sound reinforcement. 

Additionally, if you prefer to connect V550 to an amplifier or use it alongside a dedicated Cabinet IR Loader, the Line OUT option allows you to bypass the built-in cabinet simulation. This flexibility enables you to customize and fine-tune your sound according to your specific preferences and setup. 

It's worth noting that you can utilize all of the outputs simultaneously. For instance, a common scenario could be to feed your amp on stage using the Line OUT while simultaneously sending a cab-simulated feed via the DI to the front-of-house (FOH) or your PA system, ensuring consistent and high-quality sound distribution. 

Tapping Out

Right from the get-go of the V550 project, we had a clear objective in mind, and we’re immensely proud to declare that we’ve succeeded. 

The V550 captures the authentic sound and sensation of a modern high-gain classic, condensed into a user-friendly pedal format that immediately ignites your desire to tap and shred the guitar! 

We can’t wait to hear what you create. 

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