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TC Electronic

TC ELECTRONIC Bucket Brigade Analog Delay

Analog BBD Delay Pedal with 600ms Delay Time, Warm Repeats, Optional Modulation and Depth Control
The Regiment of Repetition

You’ll find classic Bucket Brigade Device combatants inside this tough and compact master of repetition. We want it to have that distinct and genuine vintage vibe that only a true analog BBD-design can give you. When you want to hear your latest notes on repeat, BUCKET BRIGADE’s articulate delay line and warm-sounding reproductions are sure to put a huge grin on your face. Mission accomplished!

The Delay That Keeps on Giving

The delay length is key to any delay pedal, and in that regard BUCKET BRIGADE comes with a stamina that is on par with the buff Stallone of the '80s! When you crank the Feedback knob to the max, you’ll arrive at no less than 600ms of delicious delay that just keeps on giving… giving… giving…

Winning the Battle on Warmth

Repeating is easy. But repeating with warmth, making the follow-ups strikingly classy and not least musical, requires a very particular skillset. BUCKET BRIGADE is born with that skillset, and treats the delay line to a carefully crafted series of filters in the feedback circuit, resulting in deliciously warm repeats.

On a Mission of Modulation

If you want your delay to get an additional dimension, we made sure that you can effortlessly apply it at the flick of a switch. Engage the MOD switch and BUCKET BRIGADE will add modulation to the delayed notes of your signal. We’ve dialed in a fixed modulation speed, but you can tweak it to your liking via an internal SPEED trim pot. Adjust the DEPTH knob to move swiftly and agilely between the outer perimeters of the modulation field. When to go there and where to setup camp is entirely up to you!

All Out Analog!

In the belly of this delay beast, you’ll find a wall-to-wall analog design that we tailored using military-grade precision with the sole purpose of putting the most powerful tool of expression in your capable hands. Is it possible for a pedal to sound old-school and fresh at the same time? The answer is yes! BUCKET BRIGADE unites the best of the past and the present elegantly in a single straight-shooting stompbox.

Compact Company

Even though you do get a staggering 600ms delay length and optional modulation, BUCKET BRIGADE keeps its footprint compact and will fit easily on any pedalboard. And while we’re at it, with the top-mounted jacks, you can optimize the limited space of your board even more!

Rugged and Rock-Like

This brigade will never draw first blood, but should trouble appear, it’s ready to take a stand and hold its ground at all costs. From the solid chassis to the knobs, switch and footswitch, just bring it on. It’s not just as buff as Stallone in the '80s, it’s also every bit as survival!

Safe Passage

Thanks to True Bypass design, your original guitar signal is granted safe passage through the BUCKET BRIGADE without any sonic coloration of any kind when not engaged. When punched in, it will obviously change your sound – as intended – but yet again your original signal is sacred, so when you adjust the VOL knob, only the delayed notes are affected. Your original tone will remain straight and true at all times.