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The Time Traveler is the world's first auxiliary BPM synchronization pedal that unifies a guitarist's pedal board by sending preprogrammed BPM presets to any pedal with an external tap tempo jack. 

- Stores 10 presets via foot-switch
- Sends out same momentary latch signal as most tap pedals (Boss 5S-5U).
- Set BPM with knob or built in tap footswitch.
- Works with standard center negative 9VDC adapter (same as Boss)
- Optional 2 or 3 outputs.

Time Traveler Advanced Functions:

Advanced menu options can be accessed by holding down the BPM knob for 4 seconds and then releasing.

You can now scroll to select which advanced setting you would like to change.

1-10: This options allows you to select the number of presets you would like to use between 1 and 10.

1-15: This option allows you to change the brightness on your display.

.25: This option allows you to change the amount of time before the tap signal is sent out of the Time Traveler after you have switched presets or changed the BPM. The default is .25 (1/4 of a second).

0-1: This option allows you to turn subdivisions on or off. If you select "1" then subdivisions are active on all channels and will be selectable when saving presets. If "0" is selected then subdivisions are turned off and all BPMs will default to 1/4 notes. **** NOTE: When subdivisions are turned on, saving a preset requires pressing the BPM knob once and then scrolling to select either 1-4 (quarter note), 1-8 (eighth note), 1-8. (dotted eighth note), and 444 (triplet quarter note). Once a subdivision is saved to a preset a "." will be displayed next to the preset number to indicate that it has an output other than quarter note. To see what subdivision is saved to your current preset, press the BPM knob and the display will show the subdivision. If you press the BPM a second time, the Time Traveler will resend the BPM.


What type of cable does the Time Traveler use?

The Time traveler uses a standard TS cable. TRS is not necessary, but can be used as well.

How will I know if my pedal is able to be used with the Time Traveler?

Any pedal that has an external momentary tap input should be compatible with the Time Traveler. Many pedals that have onboard tap tempo, but don't have an external tap option, can be modified to add an external tap. We do not offer modifications, however if you are interested in having your pedal modified, go to to see if your pedal can be modded.

Does the Time Traveler output a NO (normal open) or NC (normal closed) signal?

The Time Traveler outputs NO pulses, but it works just as well with NC. NO and NC should not affect whether or not 2 pedals will be in sync.
Does the Time Traveler work with Empress delays and tremolos?
The Time Traveler will work with Empress pedals, however since they use a latching signal, the BPM will be doubled. A remedy for this is to input half of the desired BPM when working with Empress pedals.
Will the Time Traveler always sync up every tempo based effect perfectly?
The Time Traveler is the easiest way to sync up multiple tempo based effects with tap. Every pedal maker is a little different in the way they translate a tap into a tempo, however when using the Time Traveler as the master tap, we have found very few pedals that do not sync up.

What is the power draw of the Time Traveler?

The Time Traveler uses a standard center negative 9v adaptor. The resting power draw is 60mA and the peak power draw is 100mA.

What are the dimensions of the Time Traveler?

The Time Traveler uses a Hammond-style 1590BB and is 4.67” x 3.68” x 1.18”

Can I customize the Time Traveler in any way?

At this time we are not able to customize the Time Traveler, EG - that means we cannot move the jacks, or the switches, change the colors or modify the program in any way. That being said, we always appreciate good ideas for the next updated versions.

Does the Time Traveler work with EXP jacks?

Some pedals are able to be set up to use the EXP input as a tap input. For more information, check out the manual of the pedal in question or contact the pedal manufacturer.

Does the Time Traveler send out a continuous signal?

The Time Traveler sends out 4 pulses by default. This can be changed in the advanced settings from 2 - continuous. To resend the existing BPM you can click the BPM knob twice. At this time there is no customizable options to change the number of pulses.