Swindler Effects

SWINDLER EFFECTS Nexus 4 Programmable Looper

The Nexus_4 is a fully programmable effects looper with four separate channels. It has two banks of presets, and a live mode. The far, right footswitch toggles between the banks. Please see the manual below for the full feature set. MIDI manual coming soon.

In V2 we added MIDI functionality! The Nexus_4 can now be programmed to send any MIDI program change message (from 1 - 8) when activating a preset. External MIDI program change messages sent to the Nexus_4 on it's designated MIDI INPUT channel can also remotely activate the Nexus_4 presets (1 - 8). The Nexus_4 can be set to send or receive MIDI messages separately on any channel between 1 and 8. The Nexus_4 also supports full MIDI THRU capabilities (which can be toggled on/off as desired).

The addition of MIDI to the Nexus_4 also opens up the ability to link multiple Nexus_4s together to create an ever expanding control system. This allows you additional control over more pedal loops AND additional presets. Hooking up two Nexus_4s together is as simple as using any standard aux cable (1/8" male to male).

What?! 1/8" jacks you say?! Yes, in order to squeeze MIDI functionality in and keep the Nexus_4 as small as possible, it uses 1/8" jacks for MIDI. Be sure to check out our custom MIDI cables (coming soon) provided by SINASOID that are specifically designed to be as pedalboard friendly as possible and wired for potential use with other 1/8" midi equipment.

Since using 1/4" and 1/8" jacks for MIDI is a relatively new trend there isn't a universal MIDI wiring standard for this yet. In order to interface seamlessly with other MIDI equipment that use a 1/4" or 1/8" jack, the Nexus_4 has dip switches on the inside to configure how the MIDI jacks on the Nexus_4 are wired. This simplifies connecting to external equipment that use different wiring protocols by allowing you to configure the Nexus_4 MIDI jacks to work with any equipment AND over traditional cables. No need for custom cables for equipment that use different wiring configurations!

Please note that in order to keep this looper as small as possible the jack spacing for the pedal loops is fairly tight. Not every cable type will fit. Any straight plug will work fine, but if you're looking to save space with right angle plugs then there are a few things to consider. Pancake style jacks and jacks with large metal jackets or sleeves will NOT fit. You must use plugs with a smaller form factor. We recommend the cable kits from Gear Supply Co, Disaster Area, or MOST of the Lava Cable pedalboard kits. Anything similar to those will be perfect. For a soldered option, the new cables that use the SP400 plugs also work if you orient the cables coming out of the top row of the Nexus_4 jacks pointing up away from the floor.