Swindler Effects


Swindler has partnered with New York City based designer Matt Kraus to create the Functionalist Design Series, an homage to the design principles of Dieter Rams. The Functionalist Series is sleek and minimal, and contains the exact same circuitry as our Signature Design Series.

Harry Houdini once said that what the eyes see and the ears hear, the mind believes. Enter theMAGIC CITY DELAY, featuring onboard tap, three tap divisions, tap in / tap out functionality, and a price point that is (quite frankly) unheard of. This is no trick.

Dark, lush repeats are the name of the game. Controls include Repeats, Mix, Time, and Filter. Our unique Filter control can be used to alter the overall tone of the repeats, as well as filter in or out the tape-like artifacts produced at longer delay times. The 3-way Tap Division switch is used to toggle between Quarter, Dotted Eighth, or Eighth Note divisions.

To summarize: luscious, dark repeats; analog voicing; three tap divisions; soft touch, true-bypass switching; on-board tap tempo; and external tap in / tap out. All with a tiny, glorious footprint.Is this sorcery, you ask? Perhaps. Perhaps it is.