Swart Amps

SWART AMPS Night Light Jnr

Smaller is better sometimes. In this case, the all hand-wired Night Light Jr attenuator packs a punch in a tiny package. We wanted something to hide in the port of the ST-6V6se, Atomic Jr, STR-Tweed, and STR-Tremolo. An attenuator that's more simple and bare bones, something designed for the low watt sect that brings that GREAT breakup without frequency loss, and something you can MOUNT and not fuss with, with minimal worry. It's here with the Night Light Jr. Comes with a linear full range volume pot and full bypass switch along with blue light within.

This little diminutive beast sounds sublime and even has some of the Night Light Blue Magic while at work. Of course, less features than our original robust Night Light and really designed for mounting vs stand alone. And you're talking a max of 15w. But we're really digging this little beast and loving the way it brings that Swart Low Watt breakup at more manageable levels within the smaller combos for those in need.

The Night Light Jr has had runs of original black, sparkle, and now a cool vintage blue. The latest run is now shipping, ready to be mounted within our low watt amps or tossed within any 4-8ohm amp that is 15w or less. The package comes with mounting screws. For our amps, you can use the stock speaker cable to speaker and we recommend getting the shorter cable to run from the amp output.