Source Audio

SOURCE AUDIO Dual Expression Pedal

Ladies and Gents, we proudly introduce the Source Audio Dual Expression Pedal - it's the latest addition to our series of utility pedals. Just like our Programmable EQ, we've added multiple forward thinking features that boost this expression pedal from your basic utilitarian, "any brand will do" unit to an absolutely essential piece of gear. As its name suggests, SA161 has dual expression connectors so you can run two pedals simultaneously! It's also outfitted with a special Hot Hand style expression connector that's compatible with every Soundblox and Soundblox 2 pedal. If you own one of our Envelope Filters, this pedal is a must have for those moments when you need traditional wah-wah pedal control. I couldn't begin to explain the unbelievable sounds we created during the testing process. Just imagine the sound of a simultaneous Envelope Filter sweep and Multiwave effect morph - nobody in the world has heard sounds like that...EVER!