Solid Gold FX


When Jeff Waters decided to retire the trusty overdrive he'd been using since the 80's he approached us to see if we would be able to help build a better beast. The goal was to capture the magic of the original while expanding its usable range and application. After countless hours of research and development and intense scrutiny we are proud to introduce the Jeff Waters Devil Drive.

The Devil Drive is not your typical, obnoxious sounding metal pedal. It doesn't boast extremely high levels of gain, scooped mids or insane bass but rather works in conjunction with your favorite amp as an additional gain stage, turning any rig into a hard-hitting monster. With two distinct modes, a wide ranging EQ knob, and independent gain and level controls the Devil Drive is incredibly easy to dial in adding just the right amount of sustain and saturation. Although the Devil Drive was built to roar it can also deliver some great bluesy bite with excellent articulation and absolutely no flabby low end. It is also a superb stacker giving boosts and other drives an awesome character rich injection. From singing punch to super thick grind the Devil Drive delivers, making its presence known without stealing your soul as player. We're sure the Devil Drive will be an irreplaceable addition to your arsenal as it has been for Jeff Waters.