Skreddy Pedals


Classic Watery Phase Shifter

Deep and lush yet transparent; approximates the classic late 60's Univox™ Univibe™ sound, but is not a clone of that circuit. Uses low-noise, low-distortion op-amp technology and LED/LDR phase modulation

Will not distort or darken or thin out your signal; the tone is clean and clear and full even on bass guitar

Features a wide range of speed, variable sweep dwell, and variable mix


Goes from almost standing still to super fast rotary spin

Controls the symmetry of the wobble
You can emphasize the lower or upper range or leave it in the middle for a full-range sweep.

Variable from dry to "chorusy" phase shift to pitch vibrato
Move the mix more to the "dry" side for a subtler, 70's phase effect, and more to the "vibrato" side for a wetter 60's vibey effect, or leave it in the middle for a chewy, funky effect.
This is an intentionally primitive mixer, and it will get slightly louder at the extreme (CW and CCW) settings. One of the benefits of the simplicity of this mixer is a very transparent signal chain with no noise reduction and no gain-makeup stages needed.