Skreddy Pedals


Classic Mid 70's Aggressive Sustain

The Skreddy Pedals™ BC239 FUZZ is a throwback to the late "rams head" era. The BC239 transistor will tend to render less bass, resulting in a more biting and articulate muff tone. Add to that the fact that the later rams heads employed plastic film capacitors instead of the softer, grittier tone of ceramic discs used in the triangle knobs and earlier rams heads, and you get a clear, cutting top end. You'll hear every detail of its velvety distortion. I'm preserving articulation by keeping the gain in check just enough and not letting it get too mushy or syrupy. Nice and hot with ample harmonics and of course great sustain. Rather than a round, fluty tone, you'll get a meaty grind even in your high notes.

Guaranteed to inspire you to play some evil, doomy metal licks.

I went full circle on this one; no pretty, carefully sculpted, balanced tones. Just pure vintage nostalgia--let it sing in its original voice with all its original color and charm.

For the tone stack, I copied the era that used a milder mid scoop than most. When you flip the mini toggle, you'll get a midrange hump that will propel your solos through the loudest band mix.
This will take you back

Remember that "holy grail" muff that you wish you had never sold? .

Now you can have that sound again, but without the over-sized box, and with true bypass, led, Boss(tm) style power jack, and Skreddy's own angry demon face graphic to goad you on.