SIB! FX Echodrive 4 LTD Handwired - Deluxe Guitars Exclusive


LIMITED EDITION RUN of 5 Units Worldwide

All Custom Shop SiB Echodrive pedals are Hand stuffed, hand soldered PCB'S with handbuilt assembly, Inspection, burned in and tested by Rick Hamel (Designer of the Echodrive) and Brian Aberg (Co-Owner of SiB). Each Custom Shop SiB product is then signed and personalized accordingly.

230AC Version


Mix - Sets the mix between dry and echo signal. Full clockwise is just echo and CCW is dry. The dry signal is completely TUBE driven.

Drone - Sets the amount of added repeats to extend repeats or oscillate and interacts with the REPEAT control. Activated by the DRONE switch.

Delay Range - Switches between 30ms-400ms range to 200ms-1300ms range.

Volume - Sets the overall output level.

Delay - Sets the delay time of the echo signal from 30ms to 1300ms, depending on the DELAY RANGE switch setting.

Record Level - Sets the input gain to the echo circuit. It interacts with the REPEAT control as higher settings will make the REPEAT control more sensative.

Repeat - Sets the number of echos from one to infinite.

Pedal - Plug any passive volume pedals output in here for hands free control over the delay time.

Spill - a 3 Way switch that selects between traditional bypass, spillover bypass and active tube/echo cancel.