SIB! FX Custom Shop Analog Echodrive NOS

All Custom Shop SiB Echodrive pedals are Hand stuffed, hand soldered PCB'S with handbuilt assembly, Inspection, burned in and tested by Rick Hamel (Designer of the Echodrive) and Brian Aberg (Co-Owner of SiB). Each Custom Shop SiB product is then signed and personalized accordingly.

550ms of Big Natural Echo Sound

Equiped with Two NOS MN3005

Volume Control for Level matching or boost

Delay Time is adjustable with a passive volume pedal via the pedal jack.


Mix - Sets the balance between the echo and straight signal. 12:00 setting is a 50/50 mix
Pedal - Plug in any PASSIVE volume pedals output in here for hands free control over the delay time. The Delay control knob is then used to set max delay range.
VOLUME - Sets overall output level. Use to match volume or for a slight boost.
OUTPUT - Plug you amp of effect you plan on using after the ECHODRIVE in here. Reverb units sound great here. Output impedance is 100k.
DELAY - Sets the delay time from 30 to 550ms.
RECORD LEVEL - Sets the ammount of signal entering the delay line. It also interacts with the REPEAT control. Higher settings make the REPEAT control more active.
REPEAT - Controls the number of echos from one to infinite.
INPUT - Plug your guitar or effect you plan on using in front of the ECHODRIVE in here. It works best towards the end of the effects chain. Input impedance is over 1meg.
FOOTSWITCH - Switches the effect in and out of the signal path. The LED will glow RED when activated. Blue indicated bypassed and connected to power.