SIB! FX Charger

We are proud to announce our latest creation! The Charger is a 25 to 50watt Guitar Amplifier Head featuring a full Preamp section and housed in the same size pedal enclosure as our Mr Echo, Nick Nitro, Fazeadelic and Vibromatic pedals. Small in size, big in tone! There is nothing on the market like it. Fit's on your pedal board right alongside all your pedals. Just bring a long your favorite extension cab, your pedal board equipped with the SiB Charger and guitar and you're ready to go. We've powered everything off this little guy from 1x10" Cabs to 4x12" Cabs and everything in between. Handles them all effortlessly!

Great tool for:
a.) Backup up amp
b.) As a second amp to make for a stereo or wet/dry mix along with your main amp
c.) Quick grab and go rig for small gigs / jamming with your buddies


Volume - Sets the input gain from clean to edgy overdrive. All the way down gives the cleanest tone.

Bass - Controls the amount of lows, settings above 3:00 dips the mids.

Treble - Controls the amount of highs.

Master - Controls the over-all output level of the amp.

Power Supply - Use 9-15v DC power adapters rated to at least 5 amps.

Speaker Output - WARNING!! The Charger is a guitar amp with a power amplifier. NOT an effects pedal. DO NOT connect its output to the input of any effects, another amp, mixer, computer or anything but a SPEAKER CABINET ONLY. Impedance is 4, 8 or 16 ohms.