Selah Effects


Late 2012 we released a limited run of 15 swirl painted feather drives, these sold out really quickly and created a ton of hype! Since then we have have been working on a generic model to cater for everyone but keep the original tone. We use the absolute best components available, such as carbon comp resistors, AVX & nichicon capacitors, gold connectors on the IC chip and Neutrik jacks, all enclosed in a Hammond enclosure. We have also fine tuned its EQ response to give a more open sound but still cut through.

Each Feather Drive has a two way clipping switch that utilises various clipping options. For its standard configuration it comes with a 1N914 (tube screamer) and LED (Marshall plexi type) clipping. If you wish to have a different diode configuration please contact us to discuss further.

1N914 - Setup in A-Symetrical format to bring you those rich tube screamer harmonics. Classic distortion and a favourite among our players.

LED - Setup in Symetrical format delivers a Marshall plexi sound, slightly brighter and louder than the 1N914.

Selah Guitar Effects Feather Drive Overdrive (No External Footswitch) Features:

  • 9V DC Center Negative power only
  • 111 x 60 x 27mm
  • True Bypass
  • Hand Wired