Seamoon FX

SEAMOON FX Funk Machine

Equally at home with guitar, bass and horns, theSea- moon Funk Machineprovides a chromatic wonder- land of envelope filter fun-with a few added surprises.

Iconic NY session musician and one of the most recorded bass players in history,Neil Jason, founded the company after numerous searches to replicate that legendary tone fell short. “The originalFunk Machinewas a vital component of my tone for years. I needed something more compact and durable for the studio and the road.”

Enter designer/builder and international pedal guruBen Fulton, “After extended discussions with Neil, it was apparent this was not going to be a particularly easy task, but something that would absolutely be one of the most rewarding endeavors of my career. It had to beanalogand it had to be exceptionally responsive.

And we did it!”

All Analog Envelope Filter w/ Sub Harmonic Featuring:

o Blend Control
o Frequency Control o Depth Control
o Volume
o Great Paint Job!