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Roger Mayer


The RM 58 is still regarded today by many leading producers as a Holy Grail piece of vintage analogue equipment and was first manufactured in New York by Roger Mayer in 1970. It was an evolution from the RM 57 Limiter with the RM 58 providing greater headroom and more user friendly front panel controls. The audio circuit path was of a Class A discrete design only using the best available components and featured a proprietary FET gain reduction circuit. The RM 58 quickly became popular with all the top studios in the US including: Record Plant, Hit Factory, Electric Lady, Atlantic Records, Elektra Records, Columbia Records, A&R Studios. It was also used to master records with special 4 channels versions for the cutting rooms of many leading record labels. It has been used on so many famous records I would not know where to begin. Technically the design was very advanced for it's time and today it's performance still compares very favourably to newer designs. The circuit path is extremely clean and transparent with an extended frequency response to 100Khz. The output is Class A unbalanced with a very low output impedance and we have never found any need to balance the output as the low impedance ensures a hum free interface. This method together with a Class A circuit audio path provides the ultimate transparency for the audio. It is the way the unit controls the peaks that makes this unit different from others and remains very natural sounding even with large amounts of gain reduction.

The latest evolution of the RM 58 retains the same Class A audio circuit path and the FET gain reduction method. The new housing can be used on a desk or floor and is convenient to use in modern recording or performance situations. The overall performance has also been improved and both professional +4dBV and semi-pro -10dBV operating levels are catered for. These new improvements allow the RM 58 to be used in new situations where a rack mounted unit would not be a good choice.


  • Digital Friendly: The use of a good limiter to control peaks effectively in real time before you go into the digital domain is the best way forward to record a great sound. Using limiter plug-ins after the fact will simply not do the job as the peaks have already been recorded. This means that the main part of the sound does not have as much resolution or bandwidth as may be possible to give the best sound. The updated RM 58 has been designed to perform this new task with ease and bring a new dimension to digital recordings.
  • Headroom: This has been increased to interface with professional digital recording systems.
  • Gain Reduction Meter: An illuminated backwards reading large VU meter both shows Gain Reduction and the effect of the Attack and Release time constants on the amount of gain reduction. The gain reduction is measured using an identical side chain as the audio path thus ensuring accuracy.
  • Switched Attack and Release Time Controls: The 6 position controls have been optimised to give a very useful range of control that can be recalled with ease.
  • Dual Operation Modes: +4dBV and -10dBV modes are accessed through two sets of sockets.
  • Instrument Friendly: The -10dBV mode input is high impedance that enables a guitar or other instrument to be plugged straight into the RM 58 without the need for a buffer. It will not tone suck the pickups and is very quiet and transparent. The -10dBV output will interface correctly with an amplifier or an input to a recording device. This extends the use to live shows using the RM 58 into an amplifier or to the PA system. You can use the +4dBV output to interface the instrument with a professional level recording studio recording system.
  • Bypass Switch: This enables the RM 58 to be switched in an out to assess the limiting effect or bypass the unit. The status of the unit is indicated via an LED.
  • Power Supply: There are no mains transformers in the unit to provide a source of hum. The unit is powered from a Regulated AC / DC Switching Adaptor. Input 100-240V , Output 48V 0.3A. The input voltage is further regulated and filtered onboard for the best possible noise free performance.
  • Dimensions: 220 x 145 x 58mm
  • Weight: 1420g