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ROCKETT PEDALS Mark Sampson Hightop

The Mark Sampson designed Hightop is everything "Mark Sampson" in a box. Mark is known for his recreations of the classic AC30/Top Boost tones when he worked for the "Other" companies. This pedal is about the best you can get if those Chimey Beatles type tones float your boat. Play the Hightop for 10 mins and then turn it off and you will wonder who put the blanket over your amp. This is an actual "Top Boost" circuit reduced to transistors so flat for the EQ is with both bass and treble all the way left. The cut control contours your highs and the interactive combination of all 3 EQ controls allows you to dial in your mids. Ceramic/Alnico gives you the best option for your choice of speaker. Alnico speakers have a certain breakup characteristic so if you want to emulate that select Alnico. Same goes for the Ceramic speaker setting. Bring in the EF86 and dial it to your liking as well.

J. Rockett Audio Designs Mark Sampson Hightop Boost Features:

Volume - The volume control can be very subtle depending on if you have the ceramic / alnico engaged. In alnico mode it is louder.
Bass - The bass control is at unity all the way to the left just like a real top boost. You can add bass but its bery powerful.
Treble - The treble controll is at unity all the way to the left like a real top boost. You can add treble but it is very powerful.
Cut Control - The cut control allows you to set the interaction between the bass and treble and still have control over the highs without disrupting the setting you like between bass and treble. The interation between the bass and treble allows you to define your mids depending on where they are set. The cut controll can dial in the intensity of the chime.
Ceramic / Alnico - This is a unique function that allows you to recreate either the ceramic speaker sound or the alnico speaker sound. The ceramic speaker sound is typically tighter and more defined whereas the alnico sound is typically looser, brighter and more swampy sounding.
EF86 Knob - The EF86 Knob allows you to set the intensity of the EF86 sound once its engaged with the EF86 switch. It is subtle but you will hear an increase in volume and an incrase in harmonic complexity.
ED86 Switch - The EF86 switch simply turns on the EF86 sound witch is then controlled by the EF86 knob. The EF86 sound creates a very complex and gritty sound so try it with and without the alnico setting.
Boost Control - Engages the pedal and then boost volume is controlled by the boost knob.