Rockbox Electronics

ROCKBOX Red Dog - Hand Painted

Rockbox has gone and done it again… taking audiophile grade components and pure rockin attitude and put it all into one sweet little overdrive unit. The Red Dog Overdrive is the latest overdrive pedal from Rockbox to show its face and it is quite remarkable. This pedal has a thick, low-gain overdrive tone that has a rich full sound. Rockbox Red Dog Overdrive

The Rockbox Red Dog Overdrive keeps it simple in the control department with just a Gain knob to set the overall volume and a Drive knob to crank the gain. Once the tone desired is found, you might just find that the Red Dog Overdrive will be a unit that is always left on due to its great response and smooth sound.


  • Gain Knob – sets overall volume, use as volume match or as a boost
  • Drive Knob – set the amount of available distortion
  • Standard 9volt operation (battery or adapter)