Rock Stock Pedals


Tuner pedals are one of the most valuable pedals on any pedal board. But they don’t need to take up so much space! Get that valuable space back on your pedal board by using the Nano Tuner. The Nano Tuner measures in at an incredible 1.8” x 1.7” x 1.6” and weighs about as much as a cell phone. It takes up 50% less space than the next smallest pedal tuners and fits on even the most crowded pedal boards. That means more space for more pedals.  

Instead of having a separate on/off switch and tuner display, the Nano Tuner’s reimagined design combines both into a single switch. Simply step on the round display to turn the tuner on or off. Don’t let its compact size fool you, this pedal is extremely durable thanks to its aluminum alloy enclosure. You can feel good knowing this pedal tuner is road worthy. 

Can a pedal this small still be highly accurate? Yes! The Nano Tuner is accurate within ~.5 cents and has a lightning quick response time of 10ms. The LED strobe lights are easy to see in any lighting, whether a dark club stage or sunny outdoor venue. You get precise tuning no matter where you are. 

The Nano Tuner pedal has a home on every guitar player’s pedal board. 


-Highly accurate tuner to .~5 cents 

-Nano compact design that fits on any pedal board 

-True bypass and muted operation 

-Bright LED strobes for clear and easy tuning 

-Road worthy aluminum alloy enclosure