Ramble FX

RAMBLE FX Twin Bender 3

Twin Bender uses the same circuit of the Sola Sound Tone Bender™ MKII Professional that Jimmy Page and many others have made famous, and adds several exciting features.

The Twin Bender is really 2 'Benders in one pedal, with a switch that transforms it into a MK1.5. MK1.5 mode uses one less transistor for less fuzz, and cleans up nicely with your guitar's volume control. It also features a 3-way tone switch, bias control, a charge pump to make it compatible with shared power supplies, an impedance knob which can make it more buffer compatible and act as a “pre-gain” control.

Twin Bender is hand-built with tested and matched NOS (new, old stock) germanium transistors. It uses Mallory 150 capacitors and audiophile quality components selected for great tone and low noise.

All Ramble FX pedals feature relay based true bypass switching. We build each pedal by hand.