Radial Engineering

RADIAL Cabbone

Imagine what your 2 x 12 combo would sound like if it were sent through a 4 x 12 cabinet. Now imagine being able to switch between those speaker cabinets during a performance as effortlessly as stepping on a footswitch. The Cabbone makes it possible. Cabbone is a speaker cabinet switcher designed to switch the output of a 100 watt amplifier and toggle between any two speaker cabinets.

Cabbone is safe for your amp. Speaker switching is accomplished with high performance sealed relays for the most transparent sound. The relays are controlled by a digital timing chip that maintains a safe speaker load on the amp through the transition from one cab to the other. The SafeModeTM feature will automatically revert to speaker-1 output should the power be disconnected.

To make the Cabbone really effective we added Slingshot, a simple remote control that works with 1/4” guitar cables. The Slingshot input lets you control the Cabbone from a remote switch, a MIDI switching system, or from another Slingshot-equipped product. This allows the Cabbone to be placed close to the amp, to keep speaker cables short, and be triggered from your pedalboard. The Cabbone’s Slingshot output allows it to trigger another device, such as amp channel switching. The Cabbone is made for the guitarist looking to harness the tones of real speakers, on stage or in the studio. Also available, the Cabbone EX, for amps up to 300 watts.


• Noiseless and transparent cabinet switching
• SafeModeTM power-off safety system
• SlingshotTM remote control input & output
• Handles different speaker impedance loads
• EX version for high-power amps up to 300 watts


• Switch between two speaker cabinets with one amp • Use one speaker cabinet for rhythm sounds
• Use another speaker cabinet for lead sounds

Cool Factor

• Won’t mess with the tone of your amp
• Slingshot simultaneously switches amp channels • Slingshot reduces tap-dancing on the pedalboard • SafeMode reverts to speaker-1 if power fails

Dimensions (W x D x H)
• 6.8” x 4.5” x 2” (170mm x 114mm x 52mm) • Includes 15VDC power supply