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The Bass FX Console BFX-1 enables the player’s favorite pedals with one action without interrupting technical performance. A buffer circuit employs the VITALIZER® B to minimize tonal degradation from switching and patch wiring in the system. Also, the 4 band EQ/preamp of the Providence Bass Preamp technology is loaded for more tonal versatility.
With the D.I. Out, The Bass FX Console is an active bassists’ new pedal hub system to control myriads of sounds.

Hi-Definition Bass Sound
The active circuits that make up the Vitalizer/4 band EQ/DI provide natural sound with low noise and tone that cuts through any mix well.
It is specifically tuned for bass players and high quality parts were chosen. The internal circuitry is powered by a 20-volt supply, allowing the expression and dynamic range of the bass guitar to come through with maximum impact and clarity.

The VITALIZER circuit converts delicate incoming guitar and bass signals to more resistant low-impedance signals that maintain their original sonic quality during subsequent switching and routing (signal level remains the same).

IN (Input)
The low-impedance output of the VITALIZER circuit can change the sound of some fuzz pedals and other effects. The IN jack bypasses the VITALIZER circuit for situations in which a change in sound is undesirable.

Preamp Section
Consists of the Vitalizer B and EQ. The input level can be boosted up to 6dB.
The volume controls the output level.

A 4-band EQ section offers broad tonal control for a wide range of musical styles. The MID band features a frequency control for precision tonal adjustment. The PRESENCE control is subtle, but can add just the right degree of“edge”by adjusting response in the upper harmonic range for flawlessly polished bass sound. All EQ frequency points have been selected for optimum effect with bass guitar, with specially designed response curves that offer unparalleled control, versatility, and smoothness.

Series Loops
Loops 1 through 3 are connected in series (one after the other). Signal switching is accomplished via precision mechanical relays. When a loop is OFF the corresponding SND output is muted so that no signal is sent to the connected effect unit. This eliminates the possibility of unwanted oscillation due to cross-talk when high-gain effects are used.

Separate Loops
Loop 4 is totally independent and uses the same type of precision mechanical relay as loops 1 through 3 for switching. In addition to functioning as an independent loop, the separate loop SND jack can also be used as a latching N.C. (Normally Closed) switch, and the OUT jack can be used as latching N.O. (Normally Open) switch for remote amplifier channel switching. This loop is completely independent, right down to the ground line, so you can use it as a control switch without having to worry about ground loop problems. The separate loop can be used as a mute loop, an A/B switcher, and other utility functions. When the three series loops aren’t enough for your system, you can patch the series loop OUT jack to the separate loop IN jack to provide a fourth series loop.

VZ THRU (Vitalizer THRU)
Signals input via the VZ IN (VITALIZER INPUT) or IN jack are processed by the VITALIZER circuit and output via the VZ THRU (VITALIZER THRU) jack at all times. The VZ THRU jack can be connected to a tuner to allow tuning while playing. The VZ THRU signal is isolated from the main signal path so that the main signal will not be affected even if a short or other malfunction occurs in the tuner cable or tuner.

A balanced output for more flexibility in both live and recording environments.
The Ground lift switch prevents ground loop noise from other units. The output source can be chosen from Loop 3 or 4.


  • Control: BASS 60Hz, MID 150Hz~(400Hz)~1kHz, TREBLE 3kHz, PRESENCE 7.5kHz, Volume, DI-Select (SW), GND Lift (SW)
  • Power Supply: AC adaptor (PAP-712DC)
  • Power Consumption: DC12V Max 160mA (When all loops are turned ON)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 290 x 70 x 32 ~ 40 mm (incl. jacks and switches)
  • Weight: Approximately 780g