Pigdog Pedals


This Spaced out Face has a Fuzz Face heart. But, includes a few subtle adjustments to the circuit including transistor stability.

Germanium Fuzz Faces can sound great! Or, very average. Some guys like a traditional low gain Fuzz Face, others want more heat.What sounds good to some, doesn't to others and so on. The idea behind Space Face is to give as much control over the fuzz tone as possible.

Along with the usual LEVEL (Volume) and ATTACK (Fuzz)knobs, 'Navigate' is a transistor stage bias/voltage control which gives adjustment over the fuzz intensity. Working in conjunction with ATTACK it should be possible to find all your favorite Fuzz Face tones as well as a lot more.Fuzz experimenters will enjoy the variety whilst serious fuzz heads should have no problem tuning in their classic Fuzz Face's.Clean up from your guitar is also very good indeed.

Space face has a heavyweight steel enclosure which has been profesionally finished and screen printed.

The circuit is built on strip board and high quality components have been used throughout.

MT57F Transistors