Pigdog Pedals


This is a faithful take on the original Baldwin Burns pedal.

The case in custom made. Original 1960′s cases were a bit too flimsy (as is the re-issue I have seen). Some of those vintage originals are quite dented and bent.

So we used a thicker grade steel. This is a real heavyweight of a pedal, but the measurements are still the same as that of an original unit. The guys I use to make my cases are experts with more years experience than you can shake a stick at. They work for big names in the aerospace industry. They really know their stuff.

The result is a beautifully made and finished enclosure.You will struggle to bend these.

The guy who finishes my cases does work for McLaren F1 and road cars. The colour of the outer case is a slightly textured powder-coat. I never set out to try and fool anyone that this was going to be a carbon copy of the original units. I hope that this cool colour shows this. Visually, this is all Buzzaround but has that futuristic from a 1960′s viewpoint kind of thing going on.

For the all important knobs. I had those professionally custom made too. Fine quality solid aluminium. They are super-cool things. The guy who made them is a perfectionist and the result is exact replicas of the original knobs, but more nicely made. Those that get to see them close up will know what I mean.

The circuit is made as close as is sensible to an original vintage example. NOS Wima and Phillips capacitors, carbon comp resistors mounted on tag board. For the transistors I used NKT213 in Q3 and NKT214′s for the Darlington pair. I do not have an endless supply of NKT213′s, so this is a sensible combination in my opinion. Using NKT214′s allows me to get unwanted noise down to a minimum and sound wise I cannot distinguish them from a unit with all three NKT213′s.

Vintage units had aluminium battery holder brackets. It would be a shame not to finish these things with anything other than the same.

The case, finishing and screen-printing is all done locally here in Surrey. 100% handmade of course.