Pigdog Pedals

PIGDOG PEDALS Driver - Yellow

New 2015 Driver. Handwired Dallas Rangemaster circuit with added tone (Range) control.

For 2015 I have added an additional control. 'TUNE' adjusts the transistor bias/voltage. I own several original Rangemasters, some have 10K potentiometers, some (earlier units) came with 25K. The result was that the earlier 25K units had a slightly more crunchy boost whilst the 10K's had more drive and compression. TUNE gives you both options and more whilst also working well with BOOST to give lots of variation to the typical Rangemaster treble boost.

This one comes with a specially selected NOS Mullard OC44 in yellow jacket form, just like some of the originals had.

Professionally made steel case should last even the heaviest footed several lifetimes. Powdercoated in either golden yellow or orange. Takman metal film resistors, Iskra, Phillips and Suflex capacitors handwired on old school tag strip.

9V Battery power or negative tip power supply.