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Pete Cornish

PETE CORNISH NB-3 Battery Free

Originally designed as an integral part of each Pete Cornish Custom Pedalboard and Rack System, the double buffered NB-3™ allows a boost in volume, without any tonal alteration.

The footswitch on this unit is not a bypass switch; when the indicator light is OFF the NB-3™ acts as a unity gain buffer amplifier with high signal level capability and can drive long cables without tone or signal loss
When the indicator light is ON the pre-selected amount of boost (up to +30dB) will be available at the output of the unit. There is no tonal change or phase shift to the boosted signal. When used as the final effect, just before the amp
input, the NB-3™ will give an instant increase in signal level, including the outputs of any preceding effects. Used with a clean amp the NB-3™ provides a pure volume increase and when used with an overdriven amp the extra signal will take your amp to a new level of overdrive. An alternate use is to connect your instrument to the NB-3™ input: it will then enable 1) the NB-3™ to provide line driving and load isolation from the effects chain and 2) enable an instantly switchable increase of instrument signal level which may be useful for enhancing tone or overdrive into following effects. Please ensure following effects will not be damaged by the increased signal drive.


Using a fully smoothed and regulated AC/DC adapter with an output voltage of 24Vdc Maximum, and capable of supplying 20mA, the signal performance of the unit will be as show below.

Please do not use an adapter with a higher output voltage than the specified 24Vdc maximum, or of reversed polarity, as it may damage the NB-3™. An adapter with an AC voltage output should NOT be used, as it will permanently damage the nb-3ª. Please ensure that the extra signal produced by the NB-3™ will not damage your other effects or amplifier as any such damage, or the use of the incorrect adapter mentioned above will not be covered under the terms of our warranty.

SPECIFICATION (with 9vDC supply):

SPECIFICATION (with 24vDC supply):

Input Impedance 1 Mohm Input Impedance 1 Mohm
Minimum Output 2 Kohm Minimum Output 2 Kohm
Maximum Output +10dBm/2.4Vrms/6.8 v P/P Maximum Output +19dBm/7Vrms/20v P/P
Output Noise -106dBm (10KHz B/W) Output Noise -106dBm (10KHz B/W)
Frequency Response +/- 1dB 20 Hz to 32 KHz Frequency Response +/- 1dB 20Hz to 32KHz
Gain Range 0dB to +30dB Gain Range 0dB to +30dB

Dimensions: 145 X 95 X 49 mm


Dual purpose: Line Driver and Linear Boost in one convenient package
High Impedance RFI rejecting input buffer.
Each unit is hand built, wired and tested by Pete, Lynda and Mingus Cornish.
Housed in a Rugged Die-cast box.
Heavy Duty all-metal footswitch with Hi-Brite LEDs.

An input for a DC adaptor is fitted: the size of the coax connector is 5.5/2.1mm and the centre pin is negative (-VE). We recommend the use of the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus adaptor as meeting the above criteria and cannot accept any liability for damage caused to this unit by the use of, or to, any other type of AC/DC adaptor. An adapter proving an output of an AC voltage should not be used as it will permanently damage the pedal: such damage is not covered under our warranty. If only a single unit is to be powered the BOSS PSA series may be more cost effective and is also recommended; but do not “Daisy Chain” other effects if using this adaptor as this may cause hum problems.