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OTO MACHINES Bébé Chérie Analog Mixer

Bébé Chérie is a 6-channel stereo analog mixer with a one-knob compressor and a Bliss enhancer on the master bus.

The first 4 channels offer a variable input gain (up to 34 dB) with an asymmetrical diode clipper for smooth and musical distortion.
The Tilt pot is a simple yet powerful one-knob equalizer : boosting the lows while attenuating the highs when the pot is turned down, attenuating the lows while boosting the highs when the pot is turned up.
When the Tilt pot is in its center position, the equalizer is flat.
The rear panel switch selects the type of inputs : TRS for stereo sources and TS for mono (the signal is center panned).

The last 2 channels include a 2 bands Baxandall equalizer, the input gain can be set between 0 and +10 dB using the rear panel switch.
There’s no distortion on these 2 channels so you can use them when you want to keep a clean sound.

The compressor has a 3:1 ratio with a fast attack and a mid release times, perfect for mixdown compression.
Very easy to operate, it will give you good results with many kinds of music styles.
The Bliss pot controls a hi frequency enhancer circuit and is very useful for adding air and punch to your mix, specially when your using large amount of compression.

Whenever a channel is muted, the signal is routed to the Alternate output. You can use this output for recording purposes or for sending the channel to an external effect.

The Phones output is based on an unity gain, low noise and low distortion Texas Instruments© amplifier. This output is a copy of the master output (with compression and Bliss), so you can also use it as a second output.

Bébé Chérie uses the best quality parts : ALPS© pots, high-performance operational amplifiers, audiophile Panasonic© film capacitors, THAT Corporation© VCAs, Switchcraft© 3.5 mm connectors, metal enclosure.
The power supply is internally boosted to +/- 12 volts for pro audio headroom.

Bébé Chérie is specially designed for mixing 3.5 mm stereo Jacks sources, but can be used with any device using adapters.

Bébé Chérie is a very versatile box and can be used in many ways : mixer for compact live, analog summing for your audio interface, effect box (distortion, equalization, compression,…)


• Full analog mixer
• 4 channels with variable gain up to +34 dB, asymmetrical soft clipping and a tilt eq
• 2 channels with Baxandall 2 bands eq and a 0/+10 dB selectable input gain
• 3:1 ratio one-knob compressor on the master bus
• Bliss hi frequency enhancer on the master bus
• Unity gain Hi Fidelity phones out. Can be used as a second master output
• Alternate output : whenever a channel is muted, it is routed to the Alt. Out
• 24 volts internal power supply for pro audio dynamic range
• Rugged Switchcraft© 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack connectors
• Audiophile film capacitors used in the eq circuitry, low noise and low distortion op amp on the audio path, THAT Corporation© VCAs, ALPS© pots
• Dimensions : 290 x 145 x 62 mm, Weight : 1338 g
• Power supply included

Customer Reviews

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Darren ziesing
Bébé Chérie - Organic thick and harmonic.

Got my hot pink Bebe here!
Damn that arrived fast. Thank you Delux Guitars!
Just in time so I used it for my live gig on NYE to welcome in 2024.

Very very organic mixer. Thickens things in a big way. I used it to improve the Laptop like sound quality of the Ableton Push 3 output and its more than a 50% improvement. It can be transparent if needed but put a touch of drive/bliss and tickle the outputs and it sounds amazing.
The tilt filters do a lot.
I had a Roland tr8 handy so I hooked it up and it makes that machine sound much more analog with both the filters and the drive. Very cool.

The compressor is good-ish. I am not a fan of short attack and slow release, particularly on complex mixes and unfortunately, if the mix gets busy then the levels can get a bit whack pretty fast. Jumping around a bit. I prefer slow attack and ultra fast release in general for complex mixes. But on the right material, this one does work quite well! I like it. Made the Tr8 much more punchy. Sounded like analog hardware rather than that slightly thinner Tr8 sound. Compressor prefers a more minimal mix.

Bliss Knob is outstanding on full mixes where you need to brighten up the details.

Baxandel EQs are really solid and high quality. No loss of transients and very phase coherent.

On synths those drive knobs are pretty much the best distortion I have heard for synths.

If you are looking for super compact mixer with as much lushness and vibe as a more esoteric desk that never compromises on transient punch then Bébé Chérie is the one!