One Control

ONE CONTROL Sea Turquoise Delay

The Sea Turquoise Delay is a crystal clear delay with a vintage feel. Some delays in this ilk tend to overshadow the guitar tone, but this pedal has unique sounding repeats that let your tone shine through. It also has a Kill Dry switch on the side if you want to use it in an effects loop.


“This initially was my early favorite, but that’s coming from a delay junkie, so not unexpected. That said, the delay is very nice. Crisp and clean without sounding too sterile, though a little modulation would’ve been welcome (maybe add an internal trimmer for it or swap the kill-dry for it). It’s a no-frills delay that gets the job done and sounds good doing it.

“The Sea Turquoise Delayoffers just a taste of delay craziness while generally keeping things simple and on the extremely tasteful side. There’s a Delay knob, a Level knob, a Feedback knob, and a Kill Dry switch on the side. That’s it! For those who seek simplicity as well as functionality (and who don’t need such luxuries as tap tempo, for example) the STDmight be the delay pedal (or one of the delay pedals) for you. The repeats can go from very subtle and beautiful, really, to self-oscillating, so it’s not all dull! It sounds more analog-like to my ears than digital, which is a positive thing in my opinion. The repeats are very natural and organic-sounding even when fairly extreme. If you want a bit of oscillation, you’ll need to turn the Feedback up fairly high. It also does slapback very well. Overall, the STDis a quality delay in a tiny package that really delivers for those who don’t need anything complicated, or for those who want to add a second delay to their board without taking up much space.” (USA, July 2016)


  • New design by Björn Juhl in Sweden
  • Use with guitar or bass
  • Battery compartment
  • DIP switch on the side to switch between Kill and Dry functions
  • Voltage: 9VDC
  • Current consumption: 80mA @ 9VDC
  • Size 100 x 39 x 31mm (excluding protruding parts)
  • Size 100 x 47 x 46mm (including protruding parts)
  • Weight: approx 160 grams (200 grams with batteries included)