One Control

ONE CONTROL Salamandra Tail Loop

To enhance the usability of the effects board, to improve the operability. in particular for a more flexible effector control of, One Control Salamandra Tail Loop was developed.

You can functionally use it even in a small effector board, you can additionally be done immediately impossible operation in the normal connection.

One Control Salamandra Tail Loop is generally compact effector and almost the same 110 × 115 × 60mm realize the compact size of the wonders that. More usually in the weight of the compact effector 1 vehicle equivalent of 400g, it is a 3-loop programmable switcher realized ultra-light, ultra-compact.

This in a small enclosure, three effects loop that can be set free routing, BJF Buffer that can be freely set to ON / OFF, it is possible to preset them to 16, further tuners out, we achieved independent mute switch .

The control of the entire effector board to use only a few of the effector of course, part of the space-based or distortion system, such as in a amplifier effects loop, you can control the effect of the portion you want to switch the connection order by the music.

While having this much of the function, it provides a simple and high operability by four foot switch and large, bright segment display. It does not take a place in the board, to carry does not become bitter, yet it is programmable switcher greatly improve the operability.

● routing of freely control

Audio Routing, say to make the flow of audio signals. In other words, connect the cable to the input of the effector, setting that ...... from the output to the next effect what is an audio routing.

Salamandra Tail Loop, you can swap the routing of the three effects loop freely. Usually, but as a signal the compact effector in the order of 1-2-3 Continued connection, if you use the Salamandra Tail Loop, as such 2-1-3,3-2-1, effector in your favorite order You can change the connection.

Settings of effector connection order is simple, the connection order is displayed directly on the display, you can check the current connection order at a glance.

● routing switching effect of

Effector, the effect by the connection order, changed the tone. For example, distortion system and the booster pedal, you can switch in the VOLUME boost / gain boost the effect of the booster, depending on whether the connection before either. It is known as the reverberation type effect, usually by connecting the delay pedal to create a spatial extent is connected to the subsequent stage to the first stage, it will be tricky effect to assist the playing. If further changing the connection order of wah and fuzz pedal, you can choose to more emphasis either effect. Thus, various effects by switching the combination, the connection order will be possible to create new effects, such as has not been considered until now.

● 16 presets

If the three effects loop to select by switching the routing in a free connection order, the combination will be as 16 kinds (including an all-bypass setting). On the other hand for absolutely operability is a compact enclosure is limited by, you can demonstrate is higher operability presets that can be selected few.

Salamandra Tail Loop, you can save the preset up to 16 types. This is the minimum number of presets can be stored all the connection order is designed to satisfy both the full operability and functionality.

● Select a preset with a simple operation

Salamandra Tail Loop, you can save 16 presets of the body. Presets, 2 program × 4 banks × 2 and is stored in the three-tier lane, you can call the program with a small foot switch operation.

Since the size of the body is compact, operability is the sacrifice to be arranged a large amount of foot switch here. Therefore, the first, in one of the banks has been designed to set the two programs.

Because of the number of total program 16, initially was made a production as eight banks × 2 program structure, using four foot switch and performs the operation by assigning bank up, the bank down, operability is very bad It will sounding.

Therefore, the re-design anew preset selection from ergonomic point of view, is set to the bank to switch the switch bank up only, we were incorporating the cyclical selection of up to four the number of banks. In addition, you can switch the lane by 2 seconds Press length bank up switch. By doing so, only three of the foot switch is operated, it is now possible to call all the presets.

All of the presets can be called in only one leg of the operation, and also we are to minimize the possibility of operational errors since there is no thing such as to straddle the other foot switch at the time of operation.

And, fourth foot switch that are no longer used to preset selections that it was completely independent mute / tuner out switch, has been greatly improved operability.

● immediately to be bypassed

Salamandra Tail Loop, you can save a minimum of 16 program presets. Because it is a preset up to two to one bank, when a number of programs for all the bypass setting, it will be pressed the number of program.

In Salamandra Tail Loop, and by stepping on the foot switch of the program being selected, and then migrate to bypass mode immediately. Since this also available separately setting of all bypass program, you can flexibly set the operability to meet the required operation.

● freely buffer settings

The Salamandra Tail Loop, it is equipped with a BJF Buffer to the input section. BJF Buffer is a particularly high-quality buffer with a reputation for as a clear sound natural.

In Salamandra Tail Loop, it is available four types of buffer set for each program.

1. Program Selection in: ON / in bypass: OFF

2. Program selection in: ON / in bypass: ON

3. The program selection in: OFF / in bypass: ON

4. Program selection in: OFF / in bypass: OFF

● Lock (Lock) switch

Pains preset that you set, so as not to become preset is changed by stepping the button by mistake during a performance, it is equipped with a slide switch for locking the preset.

● also supports unexpected situation

Salamandra Tail Loop, the standard center minus, powered by DC9V adapter 2.1mm barrel type. By made to correspond to the adapter that can be used in many compact effector, there is no need to prepare a separate adapter for the switcher only.

In addition, by any chance, the adapter is missing during a performance, even when the power supply is accidentally stopped, it does not sound is muted. When the power supply is stopped, automatically becomes a true bypass, you can continue to play without letting interrupting the sound.

Features of One Control Salamandra Tail Loop

-Free you can change the routing in the connection order, programmable 3 loop switcher

· Marvel of compact size to achieve (110 × 115 × 60mm)

Compact effector 1 vehicle equivalent to realize the light weight (400g)

-Tough aluminum original to achieve a high operability, adopted the slant-shaped casing

• All of the 16 programs that can cover the connection order / combinations available memory

• 2 program × 4 banks × 2 to realize that the simple operation of the three-hierarchy of Lane

· Equipped with BJF Buffer to the input section

· Can be preset buffer ON / OFF in each effect ON / bypass for each program

· Immediately be bypassed by pressing the PGM switch in selection (it can be programmed buffer ON / OFF)

· Independent mute / tuner out switch

Lock switch mounted to prevent the program changes made by the on-stage operation mistake

And driving in standard DC9V adapter

• The power supply is stopped automatically becomes an true bypass and, to prevent unexpected accident

Size: 110 (W) x 115 (D) x 60 (H) mm (including projections)

Weight: 400g

Power: DC9V

Current consumption: up to 160mA

Input impedance: 500kOhm

Output impedance: 10kOhm