One Control

ONE CONTROL Prussian Blue Reverb

The first of the space-based pedal for One Control

We had created a reverb available battery in this size.

When it has released a variety of distortion pedal, production of this pedal

We were quietly start.

Reverb pedal capable of mounting the battery.

Whether possible?

Little doubt in front of no brain of giving up our will

It is a wall that should be more than that in order to overcome.

And it was completed here.

Come on, this is the reverb sought by guitarist.

Reverb effect simulates the gentle echo that occurs when you put the sound in space.

Even electric guitar and electric bass, and other electronic musical instruments, such as acoustic instruments, all of the sound contains the echo of space to until it reaches the ear.

Spacious, sound you hear in the special seat of the space that has been made in consideration of the ideal echo what, it can be said the best performance to make a musical instrument.

Prussian Blue Reverb is a reverb effect for making the ideal response. In order to make this echo, history on a variety of reverb system has been made. May be provided only in the room for the reverb, plate, spring, and the historical evolution of digital reverb ...... reverb effect, it was what it was pursuing an ideal reverberation.

Currently, digital effects technology has developed, historic reverb effects I can easily be simulated. If you seek a sound that has been played in the former name record, these simulated is very useful. In addition, unique new effects plus a new idea to the reverb effect also creates a very great effect.

Prussian Blue Reverb is different from the effect that is derived from their historic simulate and reverb.

BJF is, when you play actually a guitar or bass, gave a development with the aim of reverb players really seek.

Thick, strong and spring reverb, and not the reverberation tone "as effector" fantastic multiplied octave up, always to maximize the potential possessed by instruments be used in the ON "ideal reverb and we were asked to tone ".

Prussian Blue Reverb is a reverb pedal was recorded BJF custom program of the high-quality digital chip of 24bit. Of course dry signal is analog dry-through structure that will not be converted to digital.

The ideal of reverb tone for the guitarist and bassist, not even "spring" or "hole", not even "room", the sum of the respective characteristics, it is not that too claimed an intermediate, yet it is a strong presence Reverb.

If you dare compare, Hall than a tone than the spring, but there is no bright it is to do too much, such as a Hall reverb.

By modulating the decay time of the reverb signal at random, sound yet monaural effect it will create effects such as diffusion spatially. And, this random modulation is we are close so as to program the guitar or bass string vibration characteristics.

This is different from the "echo was overlaid by recording individually" such conventional reverb algorithm, a feature of Prussian Blue Reverb unique, not a sober, yet natural, three-dimensional, players truly seek the ideal it's the closest sound to reverb tone.

Furthermore, Prussian Blue Reverb is compared with the typical spring reverb, it will not have the dynamics range of size of about 5 times. You can too too Toreburi, especially as there is no that sound at the base is too saturated, we have over the filtering, wide dynamics range as reverb effect creates the open space properties.

At the same time, echo is so as not to interfere with the rhythm, we were provided with the Decay control. BJF the designed Decay control is not only the control to adjust the "length of the reverberation" common reverberation is controlled to easily perform a setting as to attenuate seamlessly fit the guitar tone. Decay time can be set from 2ms to 2s, from the setting just ride fluffy reverberation to the sound, even tone, such as reverberation persists, you can actually make a sound forever.

The exact Decay control and overwhelmingly natural reverb tone, it can be said to be close to the studio class reverb unit of which is made by bringing together the best of modern technology. Moreover, the reverb unit it is designed only for guitar / bass.

Early reflection of Prussian Blue Reverb is set short. Short time until the reverb rises from the guitar or bass attack, also for the reverb tone is overwhelmingly natural, unnaturally suddenly stand out like that without any reverberation, spreads sterically sound immediately after you play , you can create a sense of Prussian Blue Reverb unique.

In addition, the Prussian Blue Reverb You can mute the dry signal in the Kill Dry switch.

It is a function that is mounted on a large number of rack type of effect, but it is effective when used to connect to the parallel effects loop, such as part of the guitar amplifier or mixer.

Also, by connecting the Prussian Blue Reverb you to Kill Dry to the main signal chain, also it can be use such as slow VOLUME effect by setting the short early reflections.


Reverb pedal completely new design by BJF

· Overwhelmingly sound sterically sound is diffused with natural

- It does not interfere with the rhythm, it can be a natural setting Decay control

· Kirudorai featured

And aluminum high-quality mini-size case of shaving

-Battery built-in possible

● Specification

Input impedance: 500K

Output Impedance: 2K

Drive voltage: 8-12V

Current consumption: 60mA

S / N ratio: -96dBm

Size: 39Wx100Dx31H mm (not including protrusions)

47Wx100Dx48H mm (including projections)

Weight: about 160 grams (battery inserted when 200 grams)

True Bypass switching

※ batteries not included.

※ internal digital chips from first to put the power will take a few seconds until the drive is stable. Since the meantime there is the case that the tone is not stable, a few seconds after the adapter is connected, please wait in the bypass state.

In developing the reverb effect, I drove the setting of reverb guitarist seek. It is so even when actually I play the guitar, but, between the spring and the hole, it seems often to find the reverb tone such than Hall. And it added the exact Decay controls that can be set so as not to disturb the rhythm of.

Confidence was there, but was really surprised to hear the sound of Prussian Blue Reverb (PBR). Exactly this in a small pedal, it said how far that contains the even spread space.

Because it is pedal that made for guitar and bass, as well as electric guitar and electric bass, it's also ideal for acoustic guitar and bass.

Especially after a distortion effect, I sound is the best that connected the PBR in front of the tremolo effect.

───Bjorn Juhl