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One Control

ONE CONTROL BJF Baltic Blue Fuzz

His ears, sensibility, and strong will is finally taken to One Control

We've created a first of fuzz.

may be listened, there can be imagined, it touched no sound with it.

We stared at the past, look to the future, creating a sound here currently.

One Control and BJF has also created a one legend.

Historically, various fuzz pedal has been made. They make a lot of legends, do not cut off the after particular player seeking vintage fuzz tone.

Among them, Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi will continue to obtain a brilliant track record and high reputation over several decades, it is one of the world will have rare fuzz pedal that is also evolving now.

Once Mike Matthews might be said to be a "fuzz through a strong filter" for the circuit of the Big Muff. One Control Baltic Blue Fuzz, based on the idea, is the vintage fuzz pedal of a new era that BJF was designed.

Fuzz pedal is, Maestro Fuzz Tone FZ-1 was released in 1962 has been said to be the world's first model. Fuzz pedal, which was developed in the original America is refined in 1965, it will be improved as FZ-1A.

But the same period, had been born fuzz pedal that becomes the legend after in the UK. Gary Hurst is developed, "Tone Bender" and its pedal named is known for original tone despite being affected by the circuit of the FZ-1, the primary Mk1, well in 1966 of the transition period Mk1.5 and, We evolved into Mk2, clone models and development, and increase the explosive fuzz pedal of popularity such as OEM model.

The 1966 Tone Bender and sequence world famous "Fuzz Face" also released. This circuit is also known that it is very similar to the Tone Bender of the transition period which is now called Mk1.5.

Furthermore Tone Bender will be available is the 1968 Mk3,69-nenniwa Mk4.

Thus, fuzz pedal that began FZ-1, many variations are made, has been aged for several years.

For these UK fuzz, 1969, it shall be deemed to be replaced fuzz pedal will be developed in New York. At the time Electro-Harmonix's fuzz pedal by Bob Meyer of hand who served as engineer, is the first of the Big Muff Pi it is called the current "triangle". This model was released until 1973, and will be updated model called anew "Rams head" to housing.

Big Muff Pi was developed by initially USA, we studied the effect of fuzz overlaid aging over the UK, I a newly developed fuzz pedal. Here, we thought that there is the origin of today's guitarist ask "fuzz".

Circuit of the Baltic Blue Fuzz is not a clone of Big Muff. However, topology are common.

It current guitarist is particularly seek Big Muff of the "Triangle" "Rams head" around the tone tone and the like well. Although there are differences from the comparison actual equipment, in particular circuit of the "Triangle" and "Rams head" Most unchanged, also similar tone. In order to make the tone of this era, Baltic Blue Fuzz was developed.

Reproduction of vintage fuzz. It is working the builders around the world. In particular, if accustomed to 100 percent completely reproduce the sound of the time, vintage NOS components to be used, not to mention housing, pot, you need to be involved up to the circuit pattern.

One Control BJF series, using an overwhelming small enclosure, is the effector carrying the original circuit design of BJF using the current normally the available components. It is universal, and we believe that it is important that it is if a something there "everywhere it is possible to easily obtain" model even.

The design of the Baltic Blue Fuzz, BJF was a combination of a plurality of amplification stage and filter. This design concept is what is leading to the Big Muff, but to conform to the general components of stability and modern, we are using the Op-Amp.

The first phase of the Big Muff ...... "Triangle" and "Rams head" and hear the sound ringing in my head. That is the image of the Baltic Blue Fuzz.

The moment you put the sound with the effect to ON, that everyone is a sound that can be felt "That sound's". At the same time, it is a sound that exits in front in the ensemble.

That means, when you wanted a sound of "vintage muff", and carry put in without hesitation pedal board or gig bag, it becomes at ease pedal that can step in as overdrive and distortion pedal.

Baltic Blue Fuzz and, at the same time is a pedal to create a vintage muff sound, also emphasizes that particular sound to exit before. Therefore, while having the same gain range and vintage BIG MUFF, it has been adjusted to be a low gain only a little more than the original tight a little bit.

Moreover, it is subjected to tuning intended for use with electric guitars and gave a filtering to be able to create a feedback tone and powerful. Vintage fuzz pedal and There tend peaky of its clone model also without, the more sense of stability of playing.

In addition BJF the Baltic Blue Fuzz, the vintage original model gave enough to manageable Tone control no comparison. Is designed to be adjusted without disrupting the guitar tones across the knob movement of the knob is transmitted immediately as sound, and have brought high responsiveness. A player who became a legend is allowed to prepare the same fuzz of what units in order to determine the "now want sound", but I used to replace them, find a want sound only move the Baltic Blue Fuzz if Tone knob You.

The vintage fuzz pedal, there is some sort of magic. Authentic vintage fuzz called legend is something certainly wonderful. In addition, repeated research in order to reproduce the tone, even in high-end clone model that has been assembled by pulled insistence to detail, you can feel the force, such as still-handed approach.

Baltic Blue Fuzz, of course not the vintage fuzz pedal, also not in the pedal bet everything in its reproduction.However, to listen to one and it can be controlled freely to match the sound that is felt to be the tone of vintage muff to taste and equipment are, where it is possible to carry with ease, even in, it is the most familiar "vintage muff" pedal.


  • Fuzz pedal of a complete new design by BJF ·
  • To listen to one to it is seen vintage muff tone
  • Immediately you can adjust the sound of favorite Tone control
  • Good also of omission in ensemble sound
  • And aluminum high-quality mini-size case of shaving
  • Battery built-in possible


  • Input impedance: 40K
  • Output impedance: 50K
  • Drive voltage: 9V
  • Current consumption: 6mA
  • S / N ratio: -70dBm
  • Size: 39Wx100Dx31H mm (not including protrusions)
  • 47Wx100Dx48H mm (including projections)
  • Weight: about 160 grams (battery inserted when 200 grams)
  • True Bypass switching

※ batteries not included.

Electro-Harmonix present in the statement ※, Big Muff Pi, Maestro, Fuzz Tone, FZ-1, FZ-1A, Tone Bender, Fuzz Face is for the purpose of explanation, New Sensor Corp, Gibson Guitar Corporation, Dunlop Manufacturing, Inc., is not affiliated with Macaris.

You will receive Baltic Blue Fuzz (BBF), and using a variety of guitar and amplifier, was tested. If you use the humbucker guitar, BBF become focused fine-grained sound, tone, such as Carlos Santana can be easily obtained.

The next time you connect the Stratocaster which carries a set of BJF / Lundgren, 70's, I remember the record I've heard in my brother's bedroom. High watt amplifier with the I, but I'm no sound of Gilmore Even with the Big Muff, just Gilmore of tone Using the BBF was obtained. Also you will enjoy the P-90 and Telecaster.

If you use a low-impedance active pickups guitar, the response of filtering is changed, it is at once modern Fazuton. Using the passive pickups, it was similar effect can be put BJF Buffer is obtained prior to BBF.

BBF, the British amplifier, of course, can set the sound easily in Fender amplifier such as the 1967 Super Reverb.

When combined with booster such as Granith Grey Booster (GGB), to become a modern tone when you connect the GGB earlier. By connecting after the GGB, it is possible to set two levels VOLUME. Both could be recommended.

───Bjorn Juhl