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Okko FX

OKKO FX Diablo

The Diablo is a versatile, transparent and extremely dynamic medium/higher gain overdrive. With its independent, discrete circuit (no opamp chips) and features like pregain controls and a built-in voltage doubler, it allows a multitude of sounds from a slightly dirty boost to singing or screaming leads. The Diablo preserves the character of your instruments and reacts exceptionally well to your picking attack and guitar volume control. Use it in front of a clean or already distorting amp... it sounds and feels like a new channel.

Every Diablo is completely handmade using selected quality parts (cast enclosures, alpha pots, neutrik jacks, close tolerance resistors and caps...). Switches, jacks and pots are ptp-wired, not board mounted. The enclosures are finished with a very durable high-gloss powder coating. The labeling is both screen printed and handpainted with epoxy for durability and a nice 3D look.

The FEED control affects the input signal. You know the problem: the overdrive sound - whether from the amp or a stompbox - can get muddy if the input signal is too bassy (that's why treble boosters were invented in the past). The solution: turning the FEED knob ccw 'thins out' the input signal. You'll hear the difference immediately - even the fattest neck humbucker sounds transparent without a trace of mud. The BODY knob takes effect on mids and compression. Could have labelled it 'feel' too... GAIN increases amplification, that is distortion and some volume. The TONE control goes from dark and growling to sharp and biting. You can fine tune the response with internal trimpots for bass and presence. LEVEL acts as a master volume control, adjusting the output volume. The HEADROOM SWITCH activates the internal 'charge pump' circuit, doubling the supplied voltage for increased headroom, more punch, tighter bass. Step on the footswitch and the big orange LED will tell you it's on.

The Diablo GAIN + OVERDRIVE features a second footswitch and a control labelled '+' for switching between two gain settings.