Okko FX

OKKO FX Coca Comp Compressor

The Coca Comp is a very natural sounding compressor/boost pedal that doesn't change your tone - it enhances it. The sound will become fuller, more balanced and present... live or in the studio. Your picking attack is fully preserved, even in higher settings. The Coca circuit has nothing in common with the grey, red or orange stompbox compressors. Like expensive studio compressors, it uses an optocoupler for smooth and natural compression.

Instead of Attack/Release/Threshold/Whatever controls, the Coca has only one control for the compression called SING. It works like an upward compressor - leaving the attack and stronger notes unchanged and amplifying quieter notes and subtleties of your playing and increasing the sustain. The PUSH knob is the volume/boost control, unity gain is around 10 o'clock. The Coca Comp's low noise design and the use of low noise parts result in a very quiet operation.

Every Coca Comp is completely handmade using selected quality parts (cast enclosures, alpha pots, neutrik jacks, close tolerance resistors and caps...). Switches, jacks and pots are ptp-wired, not board mounted. The enclosures are finished with a very durable high-gloss powder coating. The labeling is both screen printed and handpainted with epoxy for durability and a nice 3D look.