Nash Guitars

NASH GUITARS S 63 Salmon (#NG-5439)

Our S63 introduces the vast palette of colors from the heyday of the 1960's car culture. Alder bodies and rosewood necks are standard, though ash and maple may also be used. 3-ply pickguards in White, Mint, Tortoise, Black and Pearl add to the wide variety of looks of our most popular S Model.
  • serial: #NG-5439
  • body: Ash
  • neck: C-Shape Maple w/Rosewood Board
  • pickups: Lollar Special (B), Blonde (N & M)
  • aging: Medium
  • pickguard: 3-Ply Mint
  • colour: Salmon
  • weight - 3.5kg
  • Comes with Nash Guitars Hard Case and Guitar Cable