Molten Voltage

MOLTEN VOLTAGE OZ w/ Side Record Footswitch

OZ™ footswitch transforms the Strymon TimeLine Delay into a full-featured, high-fidelity, state-of-the-art LOOPER

OZ unlocks the hidden LOOPER features of your Strymon TimeLine Delay pedal that can only be accessed via MIDI commands, including REVERSE, HALF-SPEED / DOUBLE-SPEED, UNDO, and REDO. OZ also allows soft-switch, single-touch record/playback, External LOOP LEVEL control, and automatic DRY LOOPER recording.

Key Features of OZ:

• Transforms the Strymon TimeLine Delay into a full-featured, high-fidelity, state-of-the-art LOOPER
• Unlocks the hidden potential of the Strymon TimeLine delay by accessing its MIDI-only LOOPER features:
UNDO back to initial loop
REDO overdubs (after pressing UNDO)
REVERSE loop direction instantly
HALF-SPEED playback and recording with LED Speed indicator.
--- Tip: record at half-speed to create double-speed playback!

Single-press, soft-touch recording and playback
--- Press and Hold the REC/PLAY Button while recording and the loop automatically plays on release
--- This makes loop timing far easier and more accurate than pressing a second button

DRYSwitch automates TimeLine's LOOPER without delay by setting the Mix to guitar only upon Record

LOOP LEVEL control - adjust in real-time, or set it and forget it (auto-adjust on Record)
MIDI IN merges and actively filters incoming MIDI data for optimal TimeLine synchronization and performance
One-cable MIDI OUT connection to the TimeLine - no mods required!
Staggered, stair-step switch design for easy-access to rear switches

Optional side Record Jack for remote soft-touch footswitch operation

Simple, intuitive user interface

OZ is powered by standard "BOSS" type 9-volt DC, 2.1mm, 100mA min., tip negative power supply (sold separately). Current draw ~ 100mA.

Dimensions: 8.1" (206mm) Wide x 4.8" (122mm) Deep x 2.3" (59mm) Tall

Bomb-proof design ensures flawless functioning. Road-ready MIDI Machinery™.

Hand built in Oregon, USA by Molten Voltage.