Milkman Sound

MILKMAN SOUND 17" Reverb Unit - Vanilla

The Milkman Reverb is a new product currently available as a custom order only.

Inside the cabinet is a full size 17” reverb tank driven by a single 6V6 power tube for an incredible amount of splash and drip. The reverb operates at guitar level and is designed to sit before the input of your amplifier.

There are controls for Dwell, Blend, and Tone and dual inputs on the front panel. The output is on the rear panel along with a footswitch connection and connections to the reverb tank itself.

The circuit is constructed onto a turret board and hand wired with cloth covered wire. Custom Mercury Magnetics transformers are over-built and help take the reverb into new sonic territory. The power supply has extra filtering, which alongside the custom aluminum chassis helps keep reverb noise to a minimum.

Milkman recommends pairing this Reverb unit with the 30 watt Dairy Air model, which can sit right on top for a compact high headroom surf guitar rig.