Mattoverse Electronics


Providing a big update to the original TetraStep, the TetraStep MKII provides users with an even more exciting addition to the realm of crazy noise generating effects pedals. This thing will definitely get your creative juices flowing. While the pedal can be used with guitar and bass, it also works great with synths and drum machines as a desktop unit. While the original TetraStep had 4 pitch controllable steps and an intuitive user interface, the TetraStep MKII adds the following features:

  • Tap Tempo
  • Sync In (0-20v) & Sync Out (0-5v)
  • Illuminated on/off button for each step
  • Rate Multiplier Switch
  • Glide Effect
  • Higher Volume Square Wave Output

Additionally, the audio input of the pedal provides a transparent high impedance buffered audio pass through when the pedal is on and true-bypass audio pass through when the pedal is off.

Audio input and output jacks are 1/4" and the Sync input and output jacks are 1/8"

  • 9V DC Powered - Standard Center-Pin Negative DC Jack
  • Enclosure Dimension - 5.62” x 4.62” x 1.56"