Mad Professor

MAD PROFESSOR Sweet Honey Overdrive (PCB Version)

The Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive CB is the same brilliant low gain overdrive and same quality components as the regular Sweet Honey Overdrive. Now, with Mad Professor's CB version of this pedal, you can have that fantastic overdrive tone on your board, but at a much more moderate price. Mad Professor has decreased the costs of production, but not the quality, for their CB versions of some of their best pedals. The CB version is not hand wired, and therefore Mad Prof can cut down on their production costs. Also, the packaging is scaled down, so costs come down even further. The Sweet Honey Overdrive is a fantastic sounding low gain overdrive perfect for adding to an already overdriven amp. The Focus knob will make the pedal less or more touch sensitive, so this is a perfect pedal for players who use picking dynamics as well as use their volume and tone controls to shape their sound. It also serves as an EQ, providing more treble when turned clockwise. This is a classic overdrive pedal that works well with most amps and guitars, so add it to your board confident that it will compliment your tone.

Mad Professor Pedals have made the Sweet Honey Overdrive, one of their most versatile and outstanding overdrive, available to players everywhere. The CB version contains the same components and exceptional quality you've come to expect from Mad Professor. Now you can get that fantastic honey-drenched overdrive on your board without breaking the bank.

Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive CB Features:

  • Volume: Sets the output volume
  • Drive: Controls the amount of overdrive
  • Focus: Controls how easily the circuit distorts and adjusts overall EQ. 
  • 9vdc
  • True Bypass