Mad Professor

MAD PROFESSOR Ruby Red Booster (PCB Version)

Need a clean boost or is your treble not cutting through the mix? Perhaps you just want another sick overdrive. Well my friends search no more! The Mad Professor Ruby Red Booster CB can do it all. With any combination of the pedals treble boost, clean boost or overdrive at your feet your tone will be present with just the right amount of punch

The two boosters are based on the much sought after BJF Little Red Trebler and Red Rooster Booster, connected in that order and with a master volume control. Also, the Mad Professor RRB puts a massive 40dB of boost in front of an amp for a nice shimmer or a full on heavy overdrive. Lastly, with the master output knob it is super easy to dial in the right amount needed for any situation.

Mad Professor Ruby Red Booster CB
Treble boost based on BJF Little Red Trebler
Boost based on Red Rooster Booster
Master volume control
Standard 9volt operation