Mad Professor

MAD PROFESSOR Little Green Wonder (PCB Version)

The only complaint Mad Professor pedals have ever gotten is that….they're expensive. OK we say, "you get what you pay for". Now with the Mad Professor Little Green Wonder CB, we are rethinking that statement a little, cause you get the brilliant overdrive of the Little Green Wonder in a restructured stompbox for significantly less green (couldn't resist that one). What is the differences between the circuit board edition of the Mad Professor Little Green Wonder and the regular LGW? Here is the short version: the CB (circuit board) edition is not hand wired. Same tone, same look, but a newly designed pcb assures that these pedals are built a lot faster and for better price. The quality is the same, same parts but now pcb mounted pots, jacks and switch. Mad Professor also scaled down the packaging, so the price comes down even more. This is the same components, people. This is a rich and beautiful screamin green overdrive that harkens back to the classic overdriven tube tones. The Mad Professor Little Green Wonder CB is a low compression, high headroom overdrive with high output, and the Body knob adjusts the low-mid content and treble. OK, you've always wanted a Mad Professor on your board. Here is your chance. This is a high quality overdrive that delivers those classic blues and rock tones you've always loved.

At the end of the day, you're concerned about tone, right? Then this is the pedal to get you that classic Mad Professor tone you crave. Of course the hand wired stompbox is still available, but for a lower cost you can step into the world of the Mad Professor Little Green Wonder and finally hear that rich and soulful tone. This is an extraordinary value that all guitarists and tone chasers should take full advantage of.

Mad Professor Little Green Wonder Overdrive CB Features:

Same parts and quality as the original Little Green Wonder
Volume: Controls signal output
Drive: Controls amount of overdrive
Body: Controls access to medium midhump at center position and allows treble boost at cw rotation and low mid/treble boost a ccw position and so unit also can provide distortion albeit a smooth type.
True Bypass