Mad Professor

MAD PROFESSOR Deep Blue Delay (PCB Version)

The Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay is an analog/digital delay pedal that is a warm and natural sounding delay with an analog direct signal path. Now, Mad Professor has crafted a CB version, which allows them to manufacture these more quickly and at lower costs. The CB version is not handwired, and comes in a less costly packing. These changes have significantly lowered the cost, but not the quality of the Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay CB. The same quality components and care go into the manufacture of this tape echo styled delay unit. With vintage styled delay sounds and decays, this is brilliant delay for clean sounds. But the key to the Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay CB is it's ability to work well with distortion, which can be difficult for some delay pedals. Now you can get sweet echo styled delay along with distortion settings on your rig, and have it sound fantastic. This is a truly gorgeous and vintage feel delay pedal perfect for multiple applications. Explore the Deep Blue Delay CB version and get some amazing delay tones on your board.

The Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay CB is a compact and simple to use delay unit that accurately delivers echo styled decays and repeats. This is a perfect delay pedal for players who need something warm and analog styled, but without the hassles of a true analog delay pedal, such as larger size. Go from classic slapback to ambient delay tones with incredible ease.

Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay Features:

  • Level: controls the delayed signal mixed with the straight guitar tone
  • Delay controls delay times from 25 ms to 450 ms
  • Repeat controls the repeats of the delay signal, all the way from one repeat to infinite
  • True Bypass
  • 9vdc