Lightning Wave


Field Effect Transistors drive a swirling analog phaser circuit with undertones of a futuristic civilization run by the noise rocking elite

Controlling the phase depth with an expression pedal and triggering waveforms can lead to a myriad of interactions that have yet to be heard from a phaser effect.  

Designed for experimentation and performance, Lightning Wave effects provide an entirely unique interface for creating modulation waves.

Traditionally a musician would input a combination of dial settings to get a desired modulation waveform.

The Lightning Wave interface enables users to define a waveform by drawing the shape with the fader. Once recorded the LFO shape will stay stored in one of five preset banks.

While being a solution for guitarist and bassists, there is a range of included functionality that lends itself to synthesizer control.

A top-mounted "Function" jack can be configured to do different things by selecting internal switches. E.g:

C.V. out/in,
Sync out/in,

This also allows the pedals to be connected to modules like drum triggers and display screens.