Goodwood Audio


We've taken the input section from the innovative Interfacerand put it into a more compact enclosure. Mount it under an angled board or even under another pedal to save room.

With buffered and passive inputs, the Input provides everything you need to connect your guitar to your pedal board.

  • Discrete JFET buffer.
  • All connections are now on two sides only which helps with placement on a cramped board or under another pedal like a tuner.

Buffered Input
Utilising a discrete JFET buffer for increased sound quality our input buffer allows you to have your tuner "always on" while still sending signal to your pedals.

Passive Input
For guitars with active pickups or fuzz/wah pedals that don't play well with buffers. Plugging into the passive input completely bypasses the buffer.
Note: Just like with the Interfacer the buffer can be inserted anywhere in your effects chain when using the passive input.

The inputs are completely independent from each other, which allows the passive input to be used as a mono output if required. The buffered input will only work as an input.

We believe in providing quality products and services, which is why we endeavour to keep as many of the processes involved in building our products here in Sydney, Australia.

IMPORTANT - Use only 9vDC centre negative power! Current draw - TBA. Dimensions - 113mm L x 66mm W x 32mm H (including all jacks).