Goodwood Audio


Take advanced control of your Strymon® and Eventide® pedals with nothing more than one of our controllers and a TRS cable.

With the digital age well and truly upon us, our pedal boards have changed. Single sound pedals are not the only option anymore. Multi-effects units are now commonplace and have almost become the new standard. Players want options. Options options options. Having a wide range of sounds in one pedal is all well and good, but with these compact and powerful pedals comes a limitation; access.

How do you access the huge range of sounds now available in your one pedal?
Hitting multiple foot-switches, tapping what seems to be Morse code or purchasing a complex midi solution to take control of your multi effects unit isn't the only option.
Enter Evan and Simon.

Now, using the built in settings on your Strymon® Timeline, BigSky and Mobius OR your Eventide® H9 and Factor pedals you can add 3 foot-switches to control even more parameters on your pedal. From banking, tap tempo, favourite, looping and more. Evan (for Eventide®) and Simon (for Strymon®) are your way to advanced control.

Simply connect Evan and Simon with a TRS cable to the EXP jack on your Eventide® and Strymon® pedals and you're ready to choose how you would like Evan and Simon to give you advanced control.

We believe in providing quality products and services, which is why we endeavour to keep as many of the processes involved in building our products here in Sydney, Australia.