Free The Tone

FREE THE TONE Speaker Cable CS-8037 - 1m

A speaker cable has to faithfully transmit electrical signals representing the adjusted and amplified sound provided by your guitar amp/bass amp. Since the cable is the last link in the chain before the amplified signal from your instrument is delivered to your speaker, it is very important in determining the performance of the entire sound system. The CS-8037 Speaker Cable accurately transmits the output of your guitar amp/bass amp to the speakers without detracting from the tonal characteristics, and will raise the level of your whole system.

The new CS-8037 speaker cables have been developed to enable your amp head or power amplifier to deliver full power to the speakers.
An OFC conductor is used to realize a high resolution speaker cable that can provide the highest quality sound.
The cable can provide sufficient current to get the maximum performance out of your amplifier and speaker.
The conductor has a twisted configuration which provides a stable high range while matching perfectly to your Guitar/Bass without loosing the instrument’s character.
The Free The Tone original design waveform plugs are used for the CS-8037 to make it easier to connect/disconnect the plug.

CS-8037 Cable Spec

  • Conductor Size : 2.00mm²
  • Construction : 2x 37/0.26A OFC (No/mm) dia 1.80mm
  • Insulation Thickness : 0.60mm(±0.05)
  • Shield Diameter : 3.00mm
  • Jacket Thickness : 1.00mm(±0.10)
  • Diameter : 8.00mm
  • Maximum conductor resistance(20C) : 9.40(Ω/km)
  • Capacitance(1kHz)Approx.147 (pF/m)