Free The Tone

FREE THE TONE SOV-2 Custom Overdrive

Although previously developing Providence effects devices in the past as a 100% affiliate company of Providence, FREE THE TONE has now become an independent company and can deliver their own products directly to customers.

The FREE THE TONE SOV-2/OVERDRIVE pedal is not an off-the-shelf mass produced product but is handmade by the designer one-by-one in the FREE THE TONE custom shop.

Please try the full, harmonically rich overdrive sound of our original pedal.

The SOV-2/OVERDRIVE naturally expands the sound and character of your guitar’s tone, providing an extremely expressive vocal-like overdrive sound that fully retains the player’s picking nuances.

Warning: The power consumption of the SOV-2/OVERDRIVE pedal is 90mA/(DC9V), so the use of an AC adaptor is recommended.

The background of the SOV-2 begins with the original SOV-1. The SOV-1 used no vacuum tubes, but as a result of many years of development it successfully achieved the soft distortion and dynamics that are characteristics of the best tube amplifiers.
We received numerous requests from the SOV-1 users around the world for a smaller, lighter version that would run on batteries or an AC adapter.

In order to realize the requested modifications without compromising on sound quality it was necessary to reconsider the power supply. The original SOV-1 was AC powered and employed a precision power supply circuit of the type used in recording equipment. The sound of the original SOV-1 was to a large degree dependent on an exceptionally clean, stable power supply. It would be physically impossible to use the same power supply in a compact version, so a new circuit had to be developed from scratch.
We decided to use a high-performance (and very expensive) DC-DC converter to deliver the ±15V power required by the original SOV-1 signal circuitry. A highly efficient filter was designed and implemented to prevent the converter’s oscillator from interfering with the audio signal. The signal lines were also laid out with extreme care in order to optimize the unit’s sound. What I have just described in a few sentences actually took several years to achieve, but the results in the SOV-2 are totally satisfying.

The SOV-2 is unique. It is an ideal match for Marshall, Fender, and a wide range of high-end and boutique guitar amplifiers. We sincerely hope that players will make it a part of their music: nothing could be more gratifying for a guitar effect designer.