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Free The Tone

FREE THE TONE Bass Blaster BB-2

The Bass Blaster, previously only available for professional musicians, has now been added to the Free The Tone Custom line-up. The Bass Blaster is an overdrive pedal designed for the bass. The voltage is increased internally to +/-15Vdc in order to easily be able to control the wide dynamic range of the bass guitar. It has excellent touch response that the bassists request, and the sound characteristics are not lost regardless of whether the bass is played with a pick or fingers. The pedal creates the fat overdrive sound that most bass are looking for. Treble and Bass tone controls are perfectly matched to the characteristics of the bass and provide a wide range of tonal adjustment.

Warning: The power consumption of the Bass Blaster pedal is 80mA/(DC9V), so the use of an AC adaptor is recommended.
Power supply: 006P 9V battery or AC adapter(DC9V)

The design of the Bass Blaster started as an idea from the Tube bassist Mr. Hideyuki Kakuno. In order to give a strong impression of the existing bass sound, similar the driving sound of a tube amp, with a slight amount of distortion audible if you listen to the bass by itself, but without being able to hear the distortion when listening to the bass with the whole band, I was asked to create a pedal that could recreate this kind of sound. That’s how the development of this effect pedal began. Also, another important factor is for the sound to be more distorted with a stronger touch and a clean tone when playing softly. Mr. Kakuno tried many variations of the circuit as I was developing it, and I was finally able to create the first Bass Blaster, which has now won high praise from many professional bassists. I have made a custom Bass Drive Console for several famous bass players and I installed the Bass Blaster circuit into it. This pedal shows its real ability when played in a band setting. Please check it out.”