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FREDRIC EFFECTS Dresden Synth Fuzz

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The Dresden Synth Fuzz is a quite unique pedal. Combining two synthy-sounding octave fuzzes run in parallel - an upper and lower octave fuzz - it covers the whole frequency range. It's dirty and snarly on the low notes, almost like a malfunctioning analogue synth, and relentlessly precise on the higher notes. It is always rewardingly noisy!

The big synth knob is simply the volume control. This pedal is a set-and-forget deal. Before shipping I use the two trimmers inside to set the upper/lower octave fuzz gains, but you can fiddle with these too if you prefer a different mix, or if you want an even nastier decay!

Power: due to the large amount of circuitry inside the enclosure, the Dresden Synth Fuzz is powered by DC jack only - no batteries!