Flower Pedals

FLOWER PEDALS Poppy Clean Boost

Are the colors you’re getting from your sound garden not quite standing out enough?  Give the Poppy Clean Booster a try.  Perfect for tone shaping, driving a tube amp or pedal, or just giving you that extra boost you needed for your solo.

The Poppy operates on 9V, but boosts that to 18V internally to ensure that you have all the clean power you need.  It is housed in a mini enclosure and has 3 controls: Boost, Frequency and Bump.  Boost controls the output level you’re getting, while the Bump and Frequency controls give additional tonal abilities.  The Bump control boosts a certain range of frequencies more than the rest, and this frequency range is controlled by the Frequency control.  So if you really want to just get a mids boost, or get more of a trebly sound, turn up the bump and choose your desired frequency.  Check out the demo video, or plant a Poppy yourself!

The Poppy operates on 9-18V center negative, with less than 100 mA.